Art & culture is the outcome of many culminations among the races and it is significantly one single expression that grooms unity in diversity. Political turnovers can neither destroy culture, nor create one! A culture is created through people’s interactions and their ways of life. We can say there are basically two types of cultures: Aristocratic & Folk.

Aristocratic culture is labeled as ‘Progressive’ culture because it is usually prone to changes, inspired by fashion trends. Folk culture on the other hand is essentially inspired by chivalry, beauty, communal harmony and philosophy. Folk culture is a mirror image of equality, hospitality, religion, beliefs, love for nature, industries, stories & dances, music & folk tales.

India is the country of many languages, ancient civilizations, and numerous kingdoms with a salient and wide variety of folk culture. It is necessary to understand the fineries of this rich culture. Especially in a manner, that when it is performed, it takes you on a magical journey of the time told in the legend.

In 1989, a group of people strongly felt the need to protect and showcase the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful country. They came together and formed ‘Spandan’ which means ‘Heartbeats’. With the belief that the love for culture should be as pure and as constant as a person’s heartbeats, they named it Spandan. Spandan specializes in folk dance, ballet, drama, music, films and entertainment events dedicated to folk arts of India; specifically to the folk culture of Gujarat.

Hence began the voyage of preserving and spreading the value of Indian folk culture and traditions. Today, this journey has overcome the barriers of language, race, and geographical boundaries.