Art & culture is the outcome of many culminations among the races and it is significantly one single expression that grooms unity in diversity. Political turnovers can neither destroy culture, nor create one! A culture is created through people’s interactions and their ways of life. We can say there are basically two parts of culture as follows….


Spandan was founded in 1989 in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a small group of people. During the initial years it continued to operate from its registered address which later branched out in more suburbs of the city as well as in two different cities in Gujarat named Surat and Baroda. Growing further, our fame took us to neighboring states where we continued to serve resident Gujaratis and give them a taste of their motherland. We followed the tradition of doing an annual show every year with different themes.



A joint venture of Spandan Sanskrutik Trust and Gujarat Lok Kala Foundation. Both The Organisations Trying To Preserve And Promote The Traditional Folk Culture Of India Have Together Planned This Festival.